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Bld is a one of a kind real estate marketplace where anyone can become an investor in the most sought after asset class. Easily look through properties curated by Bld’s investment team, purchase shares, relax, and earn.

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Diversify within the industry

With a minimum initial deposit of $500 and as little as $10 per share, you can invest in long-term rentals, short-term rentals, fix-and-flip properties, and new developments.


Long-term rentals will provide consistent passive income, property appreciation, tax advantages, the ability to leverage, and hedging against inflation. You will never have to worry about being hands-on. This investment option will offer you the opportunity to leverage on your current investment. For a small fee, you can receive up to 12 months of dividends ahead of time.

Projected ROI: 7%-11%

Dividends distribution: Monthly


Why stay at a hotel when you can own one? Short-term rentals and hotels are a part of a high-yielding asset class. The hospitality sector can generate over 150% more revenue than long-term rentals.

Projected ROI: 10%-25%

Dividends distribution: Quarterly


The process of acquiring an undervalued property, renovating, then trying to sell for profit can be very risky and time consuming. Without leaving the comfort of your own home you can purchase shares of vetted properties. The profits from flipping will be distributed at the end of the projects timeline. This requires a certain amount of time from when a property is purchased to when it is renovated and sold.

Projected ROI: 20%-35%

Dividends distribution: After the leasing or sale of the property

New Development

It’s a builder’s market and there’s a lot of demand. New development will focus on high-yielding construction projects that are generally only accessible to institutional investors, until now. All it takes is a couple of minutes for you to become the new owner of your favorite building, house, hotel, shopping mall, and much more.

Projected ROI: 20%-40%

Dividends distribution: After the leasing or sale of the property

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Simple, transparent, and made exclusively for you.

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The benefits of investing in real estate.


Year after year, the real estate sector has proven its ability to provide superior sources of income for investors.


Real estate offers greater stability than many other asset classes, especially when powered by great technology.

Risk Contained

Managing the risk of your portfolio does not mean sacrificing potential return. Real estate investments have historically outperformed the stock market.

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Bld will create LLCs for each property to enable its clients to purchase shares starting at $10. The minimum investment will be $500 when we first launch.

Your initial deposit will be tied to the properties invested in for a certain period of time. However, as we grow, our goal is to create a marketplace where you’ll be able to buy, sell, and trade when desired. Real estate will be uniquely liquid through Bld.

Bld charges an investment fee of 2%, a management fee of 10%, and an incentive fee of 20% on the profit of sales and cash out refinance.

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